Monday, August 6, 2007

Corporate Blog Creative Brief

Thinking about launching a corporate blog? Here are some basics we've compiled at PR 20/20 to help clients establish a blog strategy before taking the leap:

1. Audiences: Whom do you plan to reach and influence with your blog?

  • Community Leaders
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Media
  • Prospects
  • Suppliers/Vendors
  • Other
2. Objectives: What do you intend to achieve with your blog?
  • Augment Web site traffic.
  • Boost brand awareness and visibility.
  • Build relationships.
  • Change, enhance or revitalize brand image.
  • Educate and inform audiences.
  • Enhance/establish positioning as an innovator and industry leader.
  • Generate leads.
  • Improve brand loyalty (i.e. customer retention and repeat purchasing).
  • Increase brand comprehension (i.e. understanding of products/services and benefits).
  • Motivate employees.
  • Penetrate new markets.
  • Other
3. Content Outline: What relevant, timely topics do you plan to publish?
  • Company news
  • Industry trends
  • White papers
  • Tools & resources
4. Frequency: How often do you plan to post?
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Other
5. Comment Policy: Will the corporation allow, block and/or screen comments?

6. Controversial Issues: What is the policy for addressing controversial issues?

7. Links: What sites, blogs and forums will the corporate blog link to?

8. Promotion: How will the blog be promoted?

For additional insight on corporate blogs, check out Debbie Weil's blog. Debbie is author of The Corporate Blogging Book.

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